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Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea

A Letter from Le Thi Mai Thu, a 10-year migrant from Vietnam

Dear Migrant Friends Who Came to South Korea,

We are strong people. Leaving the family and friends behind, holding on to the dream and ambition, we settled here on the soil of Korea to begin our new life. We indeed are courageous people.

The new life in Korea may be full of excitement at the beginning but does not always flow smoothly. We often face unbearable situations. We have to deal with the difficulties in communication that cause misunderstandings and frustrations, the anguish and despair when we feel alone without a place to look for help, the look of despises and disparagement, the damages inflicted not by strangers but by our own family, the unstable legal status as an immigrant, and the maltreatment in the workplace that sometimes include physical violence.

When questions grow in your mind why it happens to you and where to begin to get through the troubles, knock on the door of the Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea. Since 2000, the Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea has served as a non-profit organization advocating for migrant women regardless of the borders.

You can find friends and neighbors here who are Koreans as well as who came from your country of origin. They will be listening to your story and reaching out to hold your hands. We will listen to your story with more care when your situation makes it hard for you to share your story with others. We will do our best to assist you when you are in trouble and feel like there is no way out. We will help you live through with confidence and grow to become a mentor for other friends.


We will listen to your story – each word with hearts.

You are safe in here to say anything you want.


Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea

What We Do in the Women Migrants

Human Rights Center of Korea

We help migrant women who are in at-risk situations, including violence and discrimination.

The Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea is a human rights counseling center on which migrant women can rely. We aim to resolve the at-risk situations and problems you experience. We offer counseling in Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Mongolian, and English languages.
We have a short-term protective shelter for migrant women and their children who are in at-risk situations including violence and discrimination.

Areas of counseling

  • Counseling on family violence, family conflicts, and child-raising issues for migrant women who are married to Korean men.
  • Counseling on sexual violence and victimization in sex trafficking against migrant women
  • Professional services to address problems (legal consults, medical consults, and psychological counseling)
  • Professional counseling services for international marriage families to resolve conflicts between the couples or within the families
  • Referral services to help individuals deal with their psychological problems
  • Emergency intervention and support services for migrant women who need urgent help

We help migrant women learn and grow

We have Korean language education programs and other cultural activities in variety. We develop community activities with migrant women; they include spring field trips, annual fall sports day, and annual year-end party. You can find friends and new experiences in the Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea.


We provide professional trainings for migrant women to be equipped to help other migrant women. About 400 migrant women have completed trainings in family violence counseling, sexual violence counseling, and human rights. They are working as a counselor or activist in the counseling centers and shelters across the country.

We develop policy for migrant women

We have accomplished some important policy changes, including the installment of shelters for the migrant women victims of violence, the abolition of the system requiring marriage migrants to submit personal reference from their Korean spouses, and the guarantee of the right to stay for marriage migrants who are divorced for the reasons attributable to the spouses.

Online Counseling Request

Online Counseling Request

‣ Counseling via Phone : 02-733-0120, 02-3672-7559 (Mon-Fri, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

‣ In-person Counseling : Please call our office first to arrange an interview

‣ Counseling via email : wmigrant@wmigrant.org

Women Migrants Human Rights Center of Korea: Contact Information

Address : (03112)  2F, Cocom Bldg., 27-1, Jong-ro 65-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone : 02-3672-8988
Email : wmigrant@wmigrant.org
Website : www.wmigrant.org

Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women: Location and Contact Information

Address : (03188) Seoul Global Center 4th Flr. Jongno 38, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Subway No. 1, Jonggak Station, Gate 6)
Phone : 02-733-0120